"Once a Stuttering Child Traumatized by His Mother's Murder... Millionaire Master Coach Michael Bolduc Reveals His Step-By-Step Blueprint To Create Lasting Change And Realize Your Most Deeply Held Dreams In Only 112 days!"
Yes! Add success mastery to the order,
Easier and faster than ever before
I want to learn the secret to achieving my goals.
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Complete  Freedom  To Live Life On Your Terms

Complete  Freedom  To Live Life On Your Terms

What if you could crash through the barriers that keep you from the lifestyle you always hoped to have, no matter where you are now? What if someone laid at your feet a scientifically developed, meticulously detailed roadmap for generating unlimited power and energy to attract everything you desire... and deserve!
  • Money
  • ​Relationships
  • ​Leisure
  • ​ Time with friends and family
In short...

It's all waiting for you. Now.

To discover how, commit yourself to read this letter. Do this, and you'll understand why the next few moments may well be the most important of your life.

The day you look back on and say, "That was the day everything changed for me...

" Today is the day you crack the code that created some of the richest, most powerful, and most respected people in the world. It's your first step up the path to prosperity and wealth, and an entryway into a life shared only by the select few who have the courage to live it.

If you want to know the fastest, most direct route to create the life of your dreams, then I'll show you the same process I've taught to thousands for producing remarkable, lasting results.

Now this isn't some "newly rediscovered" secret or ancient voodoo ritual...

The Key To Release Your Pent-Up Power For Dramatic Change Is To  Master   The Science Of Success!

The Key To Release Your Pent-Up Power For Dramatic Change Is To  Master   The Science Of Success!

When you access these powerful life-mastery skills, you start seeing rapid, massive and permanent change for the better — in your finances, in your relationships, and... in the ability to live life on your terms — in accord with your most deeply held values. And the change can happen sooner than you may realize.

I'll show you exactly how these breakthroughs work in a moment. But real quick, before I do...

Let me give you the back-story, so you can fully benefit from what we're talking about...

Late last year, I brought a select group of students to an exclusive, invitation-only, completely no B.S. "Success Intensive"
For three concentrated days — tucked away in my home near the magnificent beaches of Pattaya, Thailand — we methodically attacked the dozens of precise steps involved in creating an extraordinary life, until we laid bare the science of getting anything you want.

Using a straightforward, easy-to-follow format, everything you need to assemble your own personal, comprehensive blueprint for success was revealed through interactive lectures and simple one-on-one exercises.   

Nothing was held back — as we went point-by-point through a thoroughly *kaizened* process map — accompanied by a wealth of detailed, actionable next-steps to take you from your personal "Point A" (no matter where that is right now) ... And... land you exactly where you want and need to be in shockingly short order.

Unfortunately, this workshop won't be offered in such a personal way anytime in the foreseeable future. If you were fortunate enough to be there, then you participated in what every attendee agrees were three of the most rewarding days they've ever experienced...

...But if you couldn't attend, that doesn't mean you have to miss out...

For A Limited Time Only, You Can Have
Insider Access To My Most Powerful
Life-Altering Success Breakthroughs!

For A Limited Time Only, You Can Have
Insider Access To My Most Powerful
Life-Altering Success Breakthroughs!

Because I decided I must go to the extra time and expense to professionally record every exhilarating moment of my next seminar to give you the very best of that Kaizen weekend. And I didn’t want to do it at one of my 700 person massive seminars, I wanted to keep the same feel as I had in my home, with a handful of fortunate participants who would receive small group coaching from me for 3 full days. And to present this weekend seminar in the form of a stand-alone system that anyone can follow. Now you are the beneficiary of that system!
In it, you are furnished with comprehensive strategies, daily routines and new skills that help you realize the untapped potential you've always known you possess, but have been unable to harness, until now.

Plug in, and your progress will grow by leaps and bounds!

There's nothing that compares to this system. Anywhere.  

And it's geared toward the way humans learn best because it engages you — visually, aurally, and kinesthetically — to bring all your senses and focus to bear on continuous, lasting improvement (called "kaizen" in Japan where I have a #1 best-selling book on personal development).

Best part? The system is completely optimized — through small group lectures, an interactive workbook with scientifically designed exercises, and "on-demand" coaching — for maximum accountability and results.

Starting from day one you quickly feel the change in your newfound capability and positive emotional state as you clarify your goals and start seeing results that yield both short-term and long-term rewards.

If you are …
  • An entrepreneur or business owner seeking to drive higher profits, maximize your effectiveness or become a better leader...
  • An executive who wants to be more effective at your job, reach a higher position or set out on your own, knowing with total confidence you will succeed...
  • A pro athlete who needs to consistently get into the "peak-performance zone" to win at the highest level...
  • Someone who is stuck due to lifelong patterns of procrastination and inability to focus...

  • Suffering from trauma and abuse buried deep in your past that manifests itself in currently limiting or self-destructive behavior...
  • Or simply no longer willing to accept the current state of your relationships, finances, lifestyle or any other limitations, and want to experience radical, rapid breakthroughs...
... Then the advanced system you're now being introduced to is certain to be the fastest, most direct route to begin the turnaround... that will take you steadily up the path to growth, wealth and greater happiness than you may have believed possible!

You advance through a series of specific actions designed to be repeatable and flexible enough to drive you inescapably toward your goals — as you stack success on top of success — through 10 inspiringly empowering, surprisingly easy-to-implement steps of the ultimate success formula. 
And you won't be alone, because you benefit from years of experience, experiments and the knowledge gained from modeling the Masters of Scientific Achievement and applying their insights to real individuals like you... 

With systematic support and available coaching designed to make sure you never again lose your way or your momentum.

This is far more than mere "information."

As Creator of This Remarkable System, I'm Offering  Much More   Than an "Educational Lecture Series"... I'm Showing You The Nuts and Bolts of How to Create an Extraordinary Life  From Scratch , and Achieve Almost Anything You Desire

As Creator of This Remarkable System, I'm Offering  Much More   Than an "Educational Lecture Series"... I'm Showing You The Nuts and Bolts of How to Create an Extraordinary Life  From Scratch , and Achieve Almost Anything You Desire

At the risk of sounding immodest, let me introduce myself. 

My name is Michael Bolduc. I'm a bestselling author, certified wealth and success coach and a sought-after seminar speaker.  

But my real passion is teaching — and helping others to find and then achieve their highest potential.

I'm constantly designing and improving programs that dramatically change lives and improve the fortunes of my students.

And I'm driven to do even more...

I'm known for extreme perseverance and "pulling out all the stops"

to ensure the success of the people who work with me. 

That's how I was able to coach 1,063 people to increase their income by an average of 41% within 60-days. It's why my seminars command standing room only crowds, even though I routinely charge several thousands of dollars to attend.

But — even though I can be viewed as being at the top of the coaching food chain — I'm also a voracious learner...
...Committed to perpetual improvement through education, experimentation and verification of the absolute best avenues to success. (Just ask my students!!) ... And have invested well over $300,000 (and counting) in education and coaching for myself and my team. 

But what excites me most is bringing newly discovered refinements to my students, helping them achieve even greater results!

However, there is a secret you must know, to put what you're 

reading into perspective...

I Wasn't Always A Success

I Wasn't Always A Success

Far from it. 

In fact, very early in life, I had a major stuttering problem — the result of the trauma I suffered when I witnessed my mother's murder at the hands of my father.
From the age of 7 onwards I grew up in fear of speaking to people, and yet today I am an international speaker, who addresses thousands of people at a time – and I don't stutter!

My fortunes changed — dramatically and permanently — when at age 18 a close friend of mine invited me to attend a seminar on success. 

At the time, I had a publicly-funded job as a golf course groundskeeper, so you can imagine how tight money was! But I immediately made the decision to go, even if it meant I'd have to sell my television, VCR, and electric guitar, my three most prized possessions at the time, in order to scrape up the $295 to get in.

 Was it worth it? You bet. Because it was there that I learned the ultimate life lesson:

Winners Are Made, Not Born! <

By faithfully applying the laws of success, I've attracted outrageous wealth and happiness into my life. 

Now, I don't tell you any of this to boast. I'm sharing my story to illustrate what you can attain when you faithfully apply the Success Mastery System™. 

In a moment you'll see just how easy it is to begin making positive, transformational change in your life…

But first, let me ask you this question: Just suppose you knew that you COULD NOT FAIL, what would you attempt to achieve? How much freedom would you enjoy... How much wealth... How much would you contribute to creating a better world?

Success is truly a habit you can acquire. And quicker than you might think.

Now I've already told you a little bit about the recent workshops and seminars I've held, right?  

Here's what you don't know...

Many of my students struggled for years — unable to put the pieces together, even though the vast majority of them have read multiple self-help books, and attempted to bootstrap themselves from losers to winners countless times.

Yet by and large, they never got the results they so desperately deserved...

Until now...

What's changed (even if you've had the same experience), is that now you bridge the gap from "knowing" to "doing" — from reading about the success of others — to anchoring the mindset, habits and peak states necessary so that success is a predictable outcome in nearly every area of your life...

With the proper direction, you consistently make the "success habit" your normal way of life. Even if you've been victimized by lost momentum in the past, that will all change.

You'll discover how my leading students have gone from average incomes, average lifestyles and average results to breaking through barriers, creating more wealth and generally living life with much more juice than they could've imagined even a few weeks earlier.

You can have the same results. It's broken down one step at a time for you.

By Consistent Application Of Seemingly Small Actions, The Success Mastery System™ Relentlessly Triggers The Positive Habits And Behaviors That Fuel Your Success Engine

By Consistent Application Of Seemingly Small Actions, The Success Mastery System™ Relentlessly Triggers The Positive Habits And Behaviors That Fuel Your Success Engine

Success Mastery Online Course 23 Videos
If you aren't familiar with the Success Mastery System, it's because I deliberately chose to incubate this system away from the "Self-Improvement" mainstream.

Why? For one simple reason...

At one time I was a Vice President for one of the most well-known coaching organizations in America.

And I was handsomely rewarded for my efforts. 

It's a fantastic organization, but like any large company, eventually the demands on my time made it impossible to do what gives me the greatest joy... helping others achieve their fullest potential and live the lives they were meant for.
I also knew the system I was teaching would have a much bigger impact if I could break it down even further.

You see, most Success Programs do a brilliant job of painting the "Big Picture". They're fantastic at helping you clarify your values and understanding what it is you really want.

The better programs go a step beyond and help you to uncover, install, and nourish the positive emotions you must consistently maintain to make progress toward your goals.

But there is a hidden danger:
Success Mastery Online Course - learn anywhere anytime
Without a specific plan, without specific, achievable daily 
actions and logical next steps built in, you end up drifting... 
aimlessly... through the weeks, months and years ahead — 
fantasizing about a better life, but never getting any closer to it.
That's NOT why you're here today, is it?

You see, I wasn't satisfied making a great income as a Master Coach, a top producer, and a highly successful executive. Like you, I also know most of us realize only one-tenth of our true potential. So I'm continually testing the boundaries of conventional wisdom to drive even greater results in my life and in the lives of my students.

I've studied and applied...

...Psychological insights... Affirmations... Goal-setting... 

...Visualization... Belief systems... Intentional structures... 

...Peak performance states... Overcoming obstacles... Limiting and empowering beliefs... 

If it has to do with success, I've done it!

From making constant improvements to my own life — and working closely with 1,063 clients I've personally coached to achieve remarkable results in only 90 days — I've accumulated a storehouse of A to Z, step-by-step knowledge... on what to do... and what not to do... to overcome challenges, eliminate obstacles, and live life more fully than you could have ever thought possible.
Yes! Add success mastery to the order,
Easier and faster than ever before
I want to learn the secret to achieving my goals.
Regular price 29,000 Baht, 
but only today:
only 1,500 Baht!!!

If You Simply Want A Few Motivational Quotes About Success Or How To Get Ahead At Work, Then The Success Mastery System™ Is Not The Answer For You! <

If You Simply Want A Few Motivational Quotes About Success Or How To Get Ahead At Work, Then The Success Mastery System™ Is Not The Answer For You! <

Instead, you'll get your personal V.I.P. pass to an intensive program that shows you exactly the steps you need to take to achieve ultimate success.

And the best part is, there's categorically...

...No empty guesswork, worn-out platitudes, or "success 101" fluff.

That's because you're accessing the most dynamic, proven, "massive action" success system revealed that's never been available anywhere before now.

And you won't be getting recycled conventions or empty cheerleading. You get advanced, Scientifically Assessed Techniques for What Really Works so you'll be able to achieve stunningly-effective real results that stick... that you can reproduce at will!

Because I've found that many of my students — who might not be able to travel all the way to the Pacific Rim — still want the experience of small group interaction so they can follow... and then apply the highly detailed steps, point for point, action for action, result for result.

What's more, they desire a way to put the pieces together so that they don't waste another second of life looking for answers — instead, they want to use those answers to stimulate constant growth, ever-increasing wealth and lasting freedom. 

The people I coach are what my work is about, and I'm 
driven to give them my absolute best
That's why I've assembled this exciting and comprehensive program, tailored to meet the needs of go-getters and exceptional individuals who won't stop until they have a master blueprint to ultimate achievement... without regard to destructive preconceptions or damaging fear of past failures.

What I won't do is waste time with uncommitted, lukewarm, half-hearted spectators afraid to get in the game with the remarkably effective approach revealed in the Success Mastery System. (That's not what you want either!) 

Even more to the point: 

I don't want to work with anyone who is afraid to live an extraordinary life that serves as a powerful example to others. 

I'm here to guide dedicated, abundance-minded winners with a meticulously laid-out system... developed to create powerful psychological triggers and unstoppable peak performance states... that enable the massive action necessary to drive you to your most compelling goals in the shortest time imaginable.

By Now You May Be Wondering Who Fits The Profile Most Suited To Benefit From
 The Success Mastery System  

By Now You May Be Wondering Who Fits The Profile Most Suited To Benefit From
 The Success Mastery System  

Committed Entrepreneurs with a solid track record who want to finally get control of all areas of their lives and achieve the balance, prosperity and freedom that comes with having a dependable blueprint for success in any area of life that's currently less than it should be.

Specifically, you will have the ability to assess and identify exactly those areas that have stagnated and — through a series of repeatable, easy-to-implement steps — begin seeing massive rapid improvement in only a few short weeks. You'll see and feel change happening almost immediately!
No matter who you are, or what failures you've experienced, you are a winner, as long as you don't give up and don't allow the past to dictate your future.

Now, you can learn the art of consistently overcoming any obstacle — the Art of the Champion — by applying revolutionary interactive tested winning strategies that accelerate your progress and supply powerful positive reinforcement for lasting results.

You'll be amazed when you discover this scientifically confirmed method for initiating and sustaining massive change to instantly, overturn even the most deeply ingrained habits! (The process guides you to reprogram yourself and make the changes routine.)

What's most impressive, your friends and associates will soon stand up and take notice when you achieve results like...
You should be addicted to continuous improvement in your life and willing to do whatever it takes to get you where you want to go.

If you want to sweep aside obstacles that stand in the way of your ultimate success, this indispensable program allows you to make speedy assessable progress in every area of your life — whether in business, in deepening relationships, or overcoming crippling procrastination to achieve ultimate prosperity.

With the final result being you have the ability to set detailed, rapidly realizable goals — and then have them materialize — in common sense, step-by-step fashion. Goals you previously believed were unattainable except by the fortunate few. 

No hocus-pocus. No mystery. 

Just rock-solid principles, laid out in easy-to-digest increments you can immediately implement — yet so powerful once put into practice!

The result? You have a blueprint for scientifically employing these psychologically grounded principles and success triggers in a deliberate, straightforward manner, along with advanced concepts, skills, and strategies to transform your ordinary life into an extraordinary day-by-day adventure!

So if you want to ramp up your progress, create more juice in your relationships, and produce extraordinary repeatable results in every area of life, then here's how you can...

..."Unleash Your Hidden Power" with Michael Bolduc’s
"Success Mastery System™"
Accelerated Training For The Life You Deserve
Here's Your V.I.P. Pass — From Slow Progress to Fast Certain
Success — With Breakthrough Discoveries from the "Top Success Coach
Money Can Buy" to routinely Achieve Astounding Results... At Will!
See What the World's Top Gurus Say 
About Michael Bolduc...
See What the World's Top Gurus Say 
About Michael Bolduc...
Brian Tracy
Top-10 Motivational Speakers & Best-Selling Author
“I really respect Michael. Michael is now the world’s #1 coach to set & achieve goals. I have only received coaching from 2 people,and Michael is one of them.”
Jack Canfield
Best-Selling Author of “The Success Principles”
“Michael Bolduc to reach the level of success he has achievedwith a traumatic background and not even a high school education,proves that there are principles at play here that have nothingto do with pedigree.”
This extraordinary Success Mastery System blazes the quickest known path from self-sabotage and procrastination to living an inspired life solidly on your terms!

The "Ugly-Duckling-to-Soaring-Swan" transformation at the heart of this program provides the most exhilarating life makeover you will ever experience. Give yourself an across-the-board "health and wealth" upgrade and harvest the windfall benefits you truly deserve!

The changes cannot be overestimated. By following a few simple principles, you cause your inner "genius within" to shine through — and throw aside whatever may be currently keeping you from explosive progress.

These Scientific Principles are your proven passport to wealth, prosperity and happiness.

But it doesn't stop there.

The Success Mastery System™provides a tailored learn-know-do experience guaranteed to help you "get everything you can out of all you've got." The system uses lectures, recorded Q&A, one on one coaching and programmatic hands-on exercises to move you relentlessly toward your desired goals at breathtaking speed.

Your confidence in the changes you've made will soar, and drive you to even greater accomplishment.

You get to listen in "live" to tightly targeted, highly focused instruction that provides the all-important Big Picture, while also giving you a precise map for taking the crucial daily steps that you must have to drive your progress forward... All laid out for you in fine-grained detail.

Is this the most direct route to acquire lifelong success habits... that will never let you down?

No doubt!

Will your mastery grow with every passing day?


Immediately after snatching up this advanced coaching system, you are fully equipped with the authoritative blueprint to boost your productivity and creative output, and set your mind on fire with untapped potential for rapid, massive growth.

Here are just a few of the improvements you get with this transformational program...
  • Masterful self-motivation techniques to maximize your personal power...
  • ​Detailed, deliberate next-steps to keep you on track at all times...
  • ​Real-world exercises and examples designed to build your achievement muscles...
  • Turbo-charged tactics to keep you in peak state all day long...
  • ​Mental conditioning to help you ignore distractions and maintain momentum...
  • Previously untaught breakthroughs, scripts, guides and outlines to super-charge your progress...
This kind of rock-solid training doesn't just present you with a list of "more things to check off" each day, Instead you will internalize the mindset necessary to live out your vision with integrity.
Beyond Endless "To-Do" Lists And Mindless "How-To" Routines, 
The Success Mastery System™ Helps You Establish Your Personal Inner 
Compass, With Constant "True-North" Direction For Your Journey
As you flex your achievement muscle, you also get a "total immersion" experience inside the Success Intensive held at my home in Thailand. Through audio-video and participation via workbook and classroom exercises, here's what you'll be learning and doing...
How to gain maximum momentum to master new skills and behaviors by applying the four stages of The Success Mastery System's "IRUS" formula (Impact, Repetition, Utilization, Success Conditioning) to trigger peak states and drive massive action, on demand.
You'll be shocked when you see the stunningly effective applications revealed in the Cause and Effect Chain Reaction — in the clearest way ever! — that hands you the keys on how to permanently control the root cause of every action.
A revealing plunge into the "invisible force" that drives the visible outcomes — wealth, prosperity, loving relationships and personal power — of all success, and the most powerful method known for setting the "success cascade" in motion any time you choose!
How to blow past limiting beliefs by understanding and overcoming doubts (both internal and external) — with laser-focused empowering questions and potent emotional triggers that help you filter through the 60,000 thoughts per day currently distracting you and keeping you from your dreams.
How to employ the power of visualization to create a permanent sense of HOPE (knowing that what you want to happen, WILL happen and that events WILL turn out for the best)... and... CERTAINTY (freedom from ALL doubts or reservations)
Plus, get all the at-your-fingertips, powerfully transformational exercises and step-by-step guides that empower you to make far-reaching changes.

What Exactly is Included in
 The Success Mastery System?  

What Exactly is Included in
 The Success Mastery System?  

Success Mastery Online Course 23 Videos You can learn anywhere anytime
This comprehensive coaching system consists of 10 lessons from the ultimate success formula - corresponding to the 10kaizened steps that make up the Success Mastery System™ on 23 videos, with a 200 page workbook (PDF)  and access to a private interactive website support portal.

Here's a sneak preview of your course and workbook training system, along with some sample selections...
  • The Difference Between a Bum on the Streets and a Millionaire - Discover what successful people focus on.
  • ​What is the Ultimate Success Formula? - Discover how Michael went from broke to millionaire within just 3.5 years.
  • Assess Your Own Life - Where are you at right now emotionally, physically, relationships, career, time, and spiritually.
  • ​The Secret to Instantly Get Rid of Negative Emotions - How to break the negative patterns that cause failure.
  • The Secret to Making Your Life Better - The 1 Key to Improving Any Area of Your Life!
  • Discover Why Commitment is The Key to Success - You will learn a case study of a man who was surviving, and borrowed money from the government to attend Michael's seminar, and then became a millionaire.
  • The Key to Giant Motivation - Discover what you need to focus on to reach the highest level of motivation.
  • 2 Kinds of Focus - Discover exactly what you need to focus on to achieve your goals.
  • The 3 Types of Goals - Most people make the mistakes of setting the wrong type of goal.
  • The 50% Rule - This is the key to unlock your full potential.
  • ​The Formula for Constant Growth - Make sure you write it down.
  • How Michael Went from $30k per year to earning $1 Million Per Year Within 3 Years!
  • Discover WHY 80% of Success is Motivation - You will learn how important motivation is to achieve any goals.
  • ​Discover The #1 Reason Richard Branson Became a Billionaire - This is something you can also do in order to get measurable results in your life and business.
  • Do or die - This lesson will totally make the point about how to get 100% confident you can achieve your goals.
  • ​How to Use a NLP Technique Called Future Pacing - This is how you identify the WHY behind your goals.
  • How to Use the Vision Board to Get Totally Driven - This is the #1 reason Michael became a millionaire in just 3.5 years.
  • ​Your Homework - Create your own vision board before the next coaching session.
  • What are beliefs
  • Create Empowering Beliefs
  • ​Change Your Beliefs
  • Create an Effective Strategy
  • ​How to Create an Effective Project Plan
  Section 6:  The Secret to Overcome Procrastination and Take Massive Action!
  • The Science of Takeing Intelligent Action
  • ​7 Discipline of Success
  • Turn Feedback Into Success!

Here's How You Can Ignite Rapid  Lasting   Change in Your Career, Finances and Personal Relationships... With Simple, Easy-to-Initiate "Proven Success Principles"

Here's How You Can Ignite Rapid  Lasting   Change in Your Career, Finances and Personal Relationships... With Simple, Easy-to-Initiate "Proven Success Principles"

Here's a brief overview of the electrifying success strategies revealed in the 10 step Success Mastery System™. For starters, you get...
  • Key discoveries and uncommon explosive insights for zeroing in with potent questions that compel your unconscious to creatively solve problems... and set the stage for the breakthroughs waiting just below the surface of your waking reality.
  • A proven and extremely targeted fast-focus program that "recruits" — thru simple repetition and reinforcement — the thoughts, images and emotions necessary for sustaining massive permanent positive change.
  • How to substitute and install values that take you straight up the ladder of success the right way, and give you control over the rules you live by to permanently banish feelings of failure, rejection and disappointment no matter how you've reacted in the past.
  • How to construct your personal "Achievement Pyramid" broken down by day, week, month, quarter and year... all the way up to your Ultimate Vision created to bring power and peak success in each of the eight most important facets of a "complete life."
  • How to cast off the fear of failure and set yourself free to Think Big for maximum progress with lightning fast results. You'll see exactly how it's done!
  • How to leverage the 50/50 Uncertainty Principle by learning to control the natural uncertainty that occurs anytime you reach for the mountaintop.
  • How the prospect of almost unbearable pain is one of your most important allies driving you to live the life you deserve, but aren't yet living — and why stoking the image of pain now, means you avoid real pain in the future.
  • The REAL TRUTH behind S.M.A.R.T goal setting and how making every goal positive, personal and present drives you to align your goals with the values that guarantee success.
  •  A solid sequence of step-by-step visualization techniques that centers the positive emotions and anchors daily habits that you must have to succeed at the highest levels. When you make the Science of Visualization a daily habit, you cannot fail!
  • What to do if your goals don't compel you to daily improvements and how to build a compelling "action stack" that banishes all negative thoughts and obstacles from your reality so you are never in doubt about your ability to prevail.
  • The most reliable 20-minute method discovered to fuel your determination pump on a daily basis. My students report that consistent application of this one technique alone is responsible for at least 60% of the visible improvements they see.  
  • How to pinpoint the 12 obstacles responsible for 98% of all failure reported by over 1,000 students before coming to me for help in achieving their goals. Whatever obstacles you face, chances are I've seen them dozens of times and have a specific strategy to help you prevail!
  • Why focusing on behavior is the sure path to disappointment, and how to uncover the true source that determines ALL the behaviors and actions you take.
  • The guaranteed 4 step method for destroying all limiting beliefs. You'll see how to immediately lower the certainty you attach to any limiting belief and how to "shame" your subconscious into giving it up and make way for the beliefs that bring you power and a solid sense of your true capacities to win in any arena you choose!
  • How to put the Power of Self Concept to Work so that you literally change your identity and your life. Don't let the simplicity of this principle fool you, this has more power over your actions than almost any other force in the Universe. Master this and you master everything else!
  • The 10 most Empowering Thoughts of Successful People. Knowing is the first step to action. After years of study and working closely as a top success trainer, I've identified and coached people who previously thought of themselves as failures. By adhering to these 10 Thoughts they've made massive gains in just a few short weeks.
  • The simple-sounding way to give yourself the permission you need to DREAM BIGGER, ACT BIGGER, AND BE BIGGER, by recognizing, and then becoming the person you must be to achieve the great things that are waiting for you. Avoid the fate of the millions of people who live their entire lives in regret.
  • The stages to create short-range, mid-range, long-range and lifelong project plans and goals that deliver both immediate and ultimate payoffs — all broken down into discrete action steps that allow you to achieve massive goals as if they were routine.  
  • The "Ultimate Coaching Tool"™ — available 24-7 online — gives you maximum leverage with clear milestones, progress records and accountability for explosive progress toward any goal you set!
  • A planning process that delivers measurable milestones and concrete achievement. It guarantees results because it furnishes you with a 4-step, repeatable process for rapid progress and conquering your most important milestones each week.
  • If you've ever set goals only to find a year or more later you hadn't made ANY progress whatsoever, you are suffering from the one BIG thing that results in failure. Find out how to align your actions and intentions with desired outcomes, so you're never at the mercy of your boss, friends or family's agenda — as you pursue your ultimate vision.
  • Understand how to model the strategies of others your inability to create and execute a plan is holding you back. Once you see the simple shift in strategy that allows you to go from "poor" to "outstanding" planner, you'll never again be defeated by inability to plan properly.
  • The ultimate power of the Law of Focus. If nothing else, take hold of this single Law and you can control what you think, how you feel and what you will do in any moment, no matter what outside forces or old habits are doing to sabotage your success... I'll show you exactly how!
...And much, much more!

You're even given access to current, surprising and up-to-the-minute findings from cutting edge work with my inner coaching circle — powerful strategies proven to create wealth... power you past limiting beliefs... and reap the fruits that only come by planning, and then achieving your ultimate goals.

Once you start to flex your "achievement muscle" with small, daily actions that make greater accomplishments possible, you will quickly build a lasting foundation for truly monumental changes in your life.

Your Power Of Vision Gives You Direction, But Laser-Focused Action Is What Transforms Your Dreams Into Stunning Reality <

Your Power Of Vision Gives You Direction, But Laser-Focused Action Is What Transforms Your Dreams Into Stunning Reality <

Imagine sitting in the living room of a dedicated million-dollar success coach who leads you step-by-step and shows you precisely what to do, how to do it and how to avoid every pitfall in your path. See yourself possessing the know-how and skill you must have, from classroom to real world results.

It's like stacking years of painstaking research and life-application into one comprehensive multi-platform learning environment with real-time feedback.
The Success Mastery System™ assures you always know exactly where you are, where you're going next, and what you need to do to get there. You are equipped with a comprehensive attack plan for accelerated massive turnaround in your ability to achieve almost anything you can put before your mind. 

This training isn't being offered anywhere else, because no one else has come close to scientifically breaking down the steps to success at this level of detail.

Plus, you've got to take the *kaizen* road of constant improvement. That's why each module breaks down the 10 steps even further, so you can learn, know, and master each skill and behavior in a logical, scientific format for maximum results.

Over the next 112 days, you'll go from unfocused, unsure, and insecure to confident, capable and driven to succeed — because the goals you set come from an inner vision of what you truly want and deserve in life.

You capture that vision as you "sit in" with my private coaching group and do the achievement building exercises along with us — absorbing each tip and technique just as if you are there...
Anchored By Proven Repeatable, Scientifically Applied Results!
This isn't like any self-help book or motivational expert you've seen or heard before. This is real-world mastery with demonstrated results you can model and replicate yourself!

If you want results now, each lesson will take you by the hand and lead you through the exact steps for rapid improvement. Keeping your daily focus and not letting obstacles distract you can be a challenge. You'll be equipped to meet the small daily goals that propel you to reach your ultimate life goals.

The upshot is you've got a super stockpile of strategies and actions to fall back on — any time you feel "stuck" — to generate unstoppable positive forward momentum that works like magic. Even already-successful entrepreneurs agree...

Important disclosure statement about results and testimonials

How would you like to finally live the life you deserve? It can happen once you get the tools and access to this amazing program from a #1 Million-Dollar Success Coach. You get immersion training in a scientifically developed system with proven explosive results... this is your best chance for the kind of insider training you can't get anywhere else!

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But You Must Answer Yourself...
"How Badly Do I Crave Success?"
How much would you invest if you knew you were guaranteed to succeed at almost anything you ask for? What is it worth to you to finally move ahead toward a life of greater prosperity, wealth and juice than you've ever had before?

When you recognize a single seminar with a top coach can ding you for several thousand hard-fought dollars, the Success Mastery System™ is a tremendous value. 
You get the whole proven guaranteed system at a fraction of the cost!
The entire Success Mastery, 10-Module Ultimate Success System by DVD, Text, and Workbook, with a total of 8+ hours worth of hardcore training, advanced exercises and stunning breakthroughs — conveniently delivered to your door — can be yours for just one low payment of $1,795!
This is the exact same ground-breaking training my Platinum Students paid over $10,000 dollars (U.S.) to attend for three supercharged, achievement-filled days at my home in Pattaya, Thailand.

Every Exhilarating Moment, Every Breakthrough, Every Startling Insight
Nothing left out!


I'm including 3 Powerful Bonuses (Valued at $230 USD) to make sure you have every tool you need to "draw your line in the sand"... make 2011 your best year to date... and never look back!

Check it out!

Michael Bolduc's 20 Breakthrough Beliefs to Success 
Want to know the 20 most important beliefs that caused me to go from broke to self-made millionaire in just 3.5 years? Study them, and look at them carefully because you will realize that success leaves clues.

(Downloadable PDF) $49 Value 
Personal Goal Planner for Success
This Personal Goal Planner for success uses the same system that I used to turn my dreams into reality. It is designed to help you create the best life possible. With it, you can achieve anything you dream and reach limits you never thought were possible. It is about joining the top 1% of achievers in this world.

(Downloadable video) $149 Value 
A free ticket to Science of Achievement #5 seminar
Science of Achievement #5 seminar | January 11, 2020 at Bangkok

$32 Value 
A free coaching session with Michael Bolduc's certified coaches.
Someone will contact you to schedule a free 45-minutes coaching session with you that will help you get measurable results.

$200 Value 
Plus... I'm sending a Trial Copy of The Science of Achievement "Inner Circle" Newsletter... absolutely free to your inbox... (Get all the details below on how you will continue to receive new breakthroughs, tips, and techniques as an ongoing Success Mastery System™ member.)

That's right. I know how powerful this program is and what it can mean for you because I've helped over 1,063 people make dramatic improvements in their relationships, their businesses, and... improve their incomes by an average of 41% in only 112 days. (Here's the full disclosure on these results!)

That's why I'm offering you the opportunity to...
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I want to learn the secret to achieving my goals.
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Experience All The Raw Behind-The-Scenes 
Power Of The Success Mastery System™  
For Yourself... Completely Risk Free!
Just click on the order button below, and you are on your way. You'll be taken to a secure order page. Take a full 112 days to try the system and you WILL achieve your first 3 S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Plus you get instant access to $905 in bonuses - free, just for test-driving the system. 

And if for any reason you aren't completely blown away by the progress you make, then one simple email is all it takes to cancel and receive a full refund.

Listen, if you think a down economy is keeping you from your goals, then you absolutely must hook into the Success Mastery System! Do this, and you be propelled past every external and internal obstacle standing in your way.

You'll have complete access to the entire program for a full 112-days (16 weeks) all at the low risk-free investment of only $897.

I will be raising the price of this program soon, so you want to lock in this low rate now.

Each week, you'll apply a new module including training videos, structured exercises, and step-by-step actions you can take to first create your compelling vision... and then make that vision real.

Now you know what you need to do next. Get your Coaching Success System today, then download the first module and all the bonuses. 

Still on the fence? Then take a breath and really take this into account. 

You are 100%...
No other coaching system on the market offers a guarantee this bold!

Has your confidence taken a hit from the recent economic turmoil?

Consider the Success Mastery System™ as your "brother-in-arms"... standing with you in the face of uncertainty... safeguarding you with step-by-step systems and strategies you can use right now to prevail over circumstances and overcome obstacles that stand between you and ultimate success!

Imagine 16 weeks from today looking back at all you've accomplished...

Have you been dreaming for years of starting your own business? Perhaps you've got an ambitious income goal that you haven't been able to realize... Now it's in your power to make it happen!

If you've ever suffered personal or business setbacks and want a success transfusion right now, then you won't see a more opportunistic moment to turn things around with a solid detailed plan... starting today, not tomorrow or next week.

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Here's What You're 100% Guaranteed To Receive 
With This Unsurpassed Success System...
Of course it's unlikely you'll precisely duplicate anyone else's results, but you're not a clone, so you shouldn't expect that to be the case. (Rest assured, though... this amazing system will certainly get you headed in the right direction!)

And I am prepared to make some very bold predictions about what's about to happen.

I know you may have some lingering questions. Really, if you've been trying to engineer a turnaround in a particular area of your life, chances are you've already plowed through a fair number of self-help books or even shelled out some significant cash only to be left empty-handed. (If that's happened, you're not alone.)

That's why I spent so much time on this page covering every possible question you might have. I only want to work with you if your eyes are wide open and you have no doubt about what to expect.

That's also why I've been so fanatical in designing this coaching system. I don't want you to feel for even a minute that you're not getting my very best at all times. The pace is rapid-fire, and you'll be pushing yourself, but that's to make sure I deliver on every promise I make.

And that's just for starters.

This program has been painstakingly assembled, tested and polished. I've gone to almost fanatical lengths to leave no unexplained gaps or unanswered questions — from the very first module — all the way through week 16.

When you see the power of this system to uncover hidden sources of personal power and triumph, I'm convinced you'll be extremely gratified by your progress.

Take the time to review the video selections I've provided and be assured nothing else compares. But if you still harbor a few minor doubts...
Take Me Up On This Offer And Get The Success Mastery System™ 
Now And You'll Also Discover These Amazing Secrets...
  • 5 Alternative Methods for Staying Focused By Using the power of "small adjustments". You gain insight into the power of "enjoying the process" by tapping into your most empowering emotions.

    But that's just one way. I'll show you the quick way to "determination conditioning"... how to "get in state" when demonstrating your personal power is crucial... how to identify and replace limiting beliefs... and how to install a habitual pattern of questions which condition your mind to bring massive focus to bear on any task you face.
  • How Activating Your Evaluation System Helps You Understand Your Triggers to help you move from undesired states that drain your will... to empowering desired states.

    Remember, if you cannot deal effectively with negative states, then you will fall into the need for instant gratification to get you out of pain causing you to engage in the destructive "default-mode" pleasures that get you nowhere and destroy your future!
  • How to Take Charge of Your Action/Avoidance Programming. It's well-known that if the action states you desire don't match what you most commonly experience (at work or in relationships) then you will be constantly dissatisfied and seek comfort in all the wrong places. Discover how to rewire yourself so that you always move to sources of power, not weakness!
  • The 7 Questions Successful People Ask More Than Any Other are fundamental to the Science of Success. Conditioning these 7 questions into your nervous system, and training yourself to ask these questions several times each day will have profound effects on your ability to achieve your goals.
  • The 4 Steps to Emotional Mastery begin with understanding the source of your emotions and how to improve your emotional environment by retraining your physiology, focus and language for maximum impact on your quality of life.
  • The Power of The Winner's M.I.N.D.S.E.T. leverages the fact that 80% of success is M.I.N.D.S.E.T. and only 20% is mechanics. The #1 reason you will succeed in the next 16 weeks is because you will adopt the winning mind of successful people!
  • Three Secrets to Success: The Success Mastery System is based on the 3 secrets all winners know, I'll teach you how to apply these 3 secrets properly to guarantee that you will get the results you are after and to live an extraordinary quality of life. Plus I’ll show you how to solicit feedback (from others, and from your own awareness) how to find expert help... and how to use modeling to get back on track when you're blown off-course.
  • The Importance of Celebration. Remember, "Success breeds future success." Whether you've experienced success before or not, there is a limitless supply of rewards to motivate you to greater heights.

    I'll show you how to reinforce the success habit so that you no longer "stumble into success" but make it a routine part of your daily life, until you effortlessly add to your trophy case almost at will!
And as you must realize by now, we've just scratched the surface.

But don't let the avalanche of new information paralyze you or make you think getting started is hard. There are as many avenues to overwhelming success as there are people willing to learn how to succeed.
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If you've ever been stuck and unable to find answers, this is the chance of a lifetime to get permanently back on the path to constant upward achievement. If you are experiencing some success, I guarantee you'll accelerate your growth to breathtaking levels...

...Growth in relationships, prosperity and wealth worth infinitely more than the modest cost of your membership!

Acceptance into the Success Mastery System™ is rigorously limited to a first come, first served basis. And the price will go up once the initial offering has ended. So even a few days of hesitation may mean you've missed out on the opportunity to unleash your sleeping personal power and live the life you deserve.

For that reason, I strongly urge you to lock in your no-risk trial now.

To your extraordinary new and empowered life,
Michael Bolduc

P.S.: This offer will expire as soon as a strictly limited number of subscriptions are filled. I can't guarantee that it will be up forever. I'm can't guarantee how long the unique mix of introductory pricing and bonus incentives will last either. Once this specific offer has been pulled, it will not reappear again. So act now, to be sure you don't miss out. 

P.P.S.: By purchasing the offer described, you agree not to share, resell or copy the content. My students have demanded I institute this rule in order to protect the integrity of their considerable investment — an investment you will want protected as well.

That's why I've done everything I can to make sure you are fully informed about the power of this system. The Success Mastery System is the most powerful program for massive change available, so you need to know exactly what you'd be missing out on if you don't act today.

P.P.P.S.: If you've read this far, you certainly know that opportunity and success only follow action. The simplest action you can take today to reap massive immediate results is to say YES to this risk free trial offer and join over 1,063 extraordinary individuals (and counting) who weren't content to accept the limitations that have been placed on them by others.

If you're ready to live your best possible life, starting today, sign up now and then see just how fast the change happens!
"Success Mastery System™"
Priority Reservation
Please begin my risk free trial At Once! I'm ready to get off the sidelines, kick down the stumbling blocks and start living the life I truly deserve! I know the 10-Step Success Mastery System™ is the fastest way to visualize, set and reach my extraordinary goals.

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  • Guarantee #1: I get the entire system risk-free for 30 days for only $897.97 and I can cancel at any time during my trial and receive a full, "no questions asked" refund. I just pay return shipping
  • Guarantee #2: PLUS I know that when I follow the 10 modules as instructed, I'm guaranteed to achieve my first 3 S.M.A.R.T. goals within 16 weeks or I will receive a full refund of my tuition, and I still get to keep my bonuses. Bonus Value: $905 (USD)
What am I waiting for, let's get started now!
Creator of the Highly Successful ‘Science of Achievement’ Series Seminars used by Over 1 Million People Worldwide to Achieve Goals
  • Best Selling author of multiple books including 'The Ultimate Success Formula'
  • Founder and Partner of 7 International Businesses Generating Millions in Yearly Sales
  • Has Personally Provided more than 11,000 Private Coaching Sessions in 30+ Countries Worldwide
  • Clients Pay up to $100,000 Individually for his Coaching Service
  • A Leading Teacher of NLP, Master NLP, and Success Coach Certification.
  • World Class Speaker Sought Out By Leading Organisations & Promoters Who Work with Top Success Gurus.
  • One of the Highest Paid Coaches in the Industry with a 99% Success Rate!
  • A Loving Husband & Father of 4 Lovely Children Domicile in Thailand
See Brian Tracy the World's Top Gurus Say 
About Michael Bolduc...
Creator of the Highly Successful ‘Science of Achievement’ Series Seminars used by Over 1 Million People Worldwide to Achieve Goals
  • Best Selling author of multiple books including 'The Ultimate Success Formula'
  • Founder and Partner of 7 International Businesses Generating Millions in Yearly Sales
  • Has Personally Provided more than 11,000 Private Coaching Sessions in 30+ Countries Worldwide
  • Clients Pay up to $100,000 Individually for his Coaching Service
  • A Leading Teacher of NLP, Master NLP, and Success Coach Certification.
  • World Class Speaker Sought Out By Leading Organisations & Promoters Who Work with Top Success Gurus.
  • One of the Highest Paid Coaches in the Industry with a 99% Success Rate!
  • A Loving Husband & Father of 4 Lovely Children Domicile in Thailand
See Brian Tracy the World's Top Gurus Say 
About Michael Bolduc...
Yes! Add success mastery to the order,
Easier and faster than ever before
I want to learn the secret to achieving my goals.
Regular price 29,000 Baht, 
but only today:
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Who takes advice from Michael
Many of the world’s preeminent CEOs, trainers, speakers, consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs have soughtMichael’s coaching to unleash the power of their own organizations. He has conducted an estimated 11,000 private coachingsessions in 30 different locations of the world. Not only is Michael one of the highest-paid coaches in the industry,getting paid upwards of $100,000 per customer, he has a 99% success rate! He is an active philanthropistand the founder and partner of 7 successful companies generating millions in sales every year. He is affectionatelynamed “The World’s #1 Coach to Set & Achieve Goals” by Brian Tracy.
What people who’ve been coached by Michael are saying
Overcome the fears and hesitations
"Since getting personal coaching from Michael,I have learned the skills to overcome the fearsand hesitations holding me back from going formy goals. He taught me the step-by-step processthat has worked for thousands of others to getstarted and create a detailed plan to get mybusiness off the ground."

Natalie Glebova 
Miss Universe 2005 & Empowerist
Became a Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur
“He showed me my patterns of success and howto use them...after that, it's so much easier toaccomplish my short-term goals. Michael is able tounderstand what's blocking you from achieving success,so that you can achieve your goals.”

Patric Chan, 
Co-Author, Clicking Cash
His Coaching Business is Now Making Him 5 Million Dollars a Year
“Since I got his coaching, I increased myincome by 600% in 2 months. I definitelyencourage you to hire Michael as asuccess coach.”

Akira Iguchi
Built a Million Dollar Coaching Business“
I have already doubled my income, registered for theCFA program, and completed my own financialcoaching program.”

Sebastien Leblond
Co-Founder of NLP TOP COACH
Raising my FOCUS POWER
“I really appreciate Michael’s teaching to help me ‘maintain the beautiful state’ no matter what happens in any situation. It is so valued in my life. I can focus more on my big goals. Thank you, Michael, for raising my FOCUS POWER. I believe he can help a lot of Thai people to achieve their dream lives.”

Master POP
NLP Coach
NLP is great because it is scientific and logical.
“We didn’t just listen to lectures but had fun actively participating. It teaches you how to communicate effectively and with compassion with both managers and subordinates. It helps clear communication obstacles and is good for those who are undergoing leadership development. I wish this course was part of the academic curriculum.”

Khunying Porntip Rojanasuan
Director, Central Institute of Forensic Science
Quit Smoking After Working with Michael and Increased Income by 46%
“With Michael's success coaching, I made a 46% increase in my income in just a few months of coaching and training.”

David Cramond
Built a Million Dollar Coaching Business
“With Michael's coaching, I started my coaching business and gained 11 clients in the first five months. And my closing rate is 68%! I earned more than $23,000 in the first few months.”

Misato Okamura
100 times worth the price
“Sign up for his coaching program. It's worth 100 times the price tag. Nothing really worked until I decided to hire Michael Bolduc as a coach. In the first 10 minutes of the first coaching session, I knew I'd made the right decision.”

Martin Messier
Generated €110,000 in revenue!
"Michael Bolduc has astonishing credibility. After I hired Michael as my personal coach, I generated €110,000 in revenue from my seminar and coaching business within 89 days. Michael Bolduc is a true authority on the subject of success coaching."

Smiljan Mori, 
Best Selling Author of MotivAction
$26,000 income per month
"Within only 30 days of Michael's coaching, my clients increased from 2 to 11, and my conversion rate went up to 68%. Within two months after I started coaching with him, I achieved $26,000 in income per month."

Fukiko Kobayashi
$31,000 in a month
"After Michael's coaching certification course, I got 10 coaching clients and made $31,000 in a month. I borrowed from the Japanese government to attend his seminar, and it paid off in only a month. I now have over 30 clients, and they are achieving their goals as well. Last year my sales were less than $52,000, but my sales forecast for this year is three times more than last year! My life has changed since I met Michael. Thank you. I would like to contribute to society by using Michael's skills."

Koji Shiraishi
Become a Success Coach
I made $51,400 in just 1 month!
“Before, I was struggling to make money as a brand-new coach. I had been to other coaching certification schools without results, but after I joined the Michael Bolduc Coaching Certification Course, I made $51,400 in a single month.”

Hisanori Iwai
Brand New Coach
Doubled income
"Since Michael and I began working together, I've doubled my take-home pay and improved the overall revenue from my business. Our work together has helped me to improve my focus, and my results showed a jump very quickly."

Jason Lexell
Never been happier
"My consulting companies have exploded 100 fold. Because of Michael’s training and coaching, I've never been happier."

Chris Mentillo MSc DD
Yes! Add success mastery to the order,
Easier and faster than ever before
I want to learn the secret to achieving my goals.
Regular price 29,000 Baht, 
but only today:
only 1,500 Baht!!!
Choose your package

Success Mastery


Breakthrough Coaching Strategy Session to Have the Best Year in 2020

Success Mastery


  30 Minutes Session with Michael Bolduc

The reason why we charge you only 5,000 baht for Michael's coaching is because we're looking for qualified entrepreneurs who want to achieve next level results in their business, and understand the value of a coach. Your income should be a minimum of 100,000 baht to apply for this special offer.

*Only 3 Spots Available*
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