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As an official partner, this Success Coaching Certification program gives you access not only to Michael Bolduc’s coaching strategies, but to a complete business essentials package that will help you achieve as you support client success:
  •  Learn new marketing methods and business tips to get measurable results for clients
  •  Accelerate your success with self-coaching strategies
  •   Discover the art and science of achievement
  •  Advance to the $100k/year Coaching Club, then the Million Dollar Coaching Club
Results of the Millionaire Certified 
Success Coach Program:  

Why the World’s Most Charismatic 
Figures Like Brian Tracy Admire It:
Achieve Measurable Success
Utilize the unique features of Michael’s step-by-step coaching method for visible and measurable results:

1. Results your clients want

2. Results you want as a successful coach
Results of the Millionaire Certified 
Success Coach Program:  

Why the World’s Most Charismatic 
Figures Like Brian Tracy Admire It:
Achieve Measurable Success
Utilize the unique features of Michael’s step-by-step coaching method for visible and measurable results:

1. Results your clients want

2. Results you want as a successful coach
Discover how over 1,500+ coaches have already become successful coaches, with no prior experience!
It is impossible for a coach who has never succeeded to lead clients to success. 

Regardless of nation or culture, a person’s influence won’t extend beyond the success s/he has already attained.
“Before joining Michael’s success coaching program, I was struggling with obstacles such as procrastination, lack of motivation, and limiting beliefs, but with Michael’s program,I immediately broke through everything that was stopping me in the past, and I obtained outstanding results. The first result was writing a best-selling book, thereafter building a success coaching business, which made over 3 million baht in the first year, by using Michael’s proven step-by-step system.”

-Weerapong Sattaphon
Thai Success Coach
“If I had to start again from scratch... In such situation, I would learn from Michael and embody his teaching.”
I have only 2 coaches who I learned from. One is Marshal Goldsmith, who is considered to be one of the world’s top professional coaches today. The other one is my friend Michael Bolduc. Michael is the world’s best goal-achieving coach. He is the most effective and best coach who can teach how to set a goal and achieve it.

“Guru of Sales,”who has done over 5000 lectures in 60 countries and published more than 60 books in 56 languages.
What is the “Blended Learning System” that generates measurable results?
STEP 1: 
42 scientific modules to become a 
Millionaire Certified Success Coach
1. Introduction
2. The Difference That Makes a Difference
3. How to Be an Outstanding Success Coach
4. Coaching Map
5. The History of Coaching: Why It Matters
6. What is the BIG Secret to Coaching?
7. Five Keys to Succeed as a Coach
8. Why People Want to Hire a Coach
9. The First Coaching Session
10. How to Persuade with Your Coaching
11. Secrets to Setting Prices and Making Proposals
12. How to Follow-Up with Prospective Clients
13. How Make Appointments Easily
14. The Distortion of Reality
15. How to Diagnose the Distortion
16. Coaching by Personality Types
17. The Ultimate Laws of Success
18. The Science of Rapid Change
19. How to Become an Effective Communicator
20. Meta Modeling
21. How to Organize Your Coaching Program 
22. The Nine Essential Steps to Coaching Sessions 
23. Preparation Form before Coaching 
24. Secrets to Motivation: Turning Should into Must 
25. How to Identify and Change Unconscious Beliefs 
26. Creating Effective Plans that Get Results 
27. The Secret to the Habit of Succeeding 
28. Master and Control Your Emotions 
29. Situational Coaching 
30. Nine Reasons Coaches Fail 
31. How to Create a Strong Coaching Brand 
32. The Secret Formula to Earning $100K Coaching 
33. How to Make a High-quality Large Database T
34. he Science of Marketing
35. Creating a Best-selling Coaching Website
36. How to Get Feedback from Website Visitors
37. How to Create “Hungry” Website Visitors
38. Establishing a Coaching Business by Referral
39. How to Get Clients Using a Network
40. How to Succeed by Direct Email
41. How to Manage Client Success
42. Q&A with Clients
“Get Your Client” Challenge
  •  Use Michael’s 16 detailed steps to get clients
  •  Share your results in a six-day LIVE seminar
  •  Feel the satisfaction of knowing exactly how to help people change their life.
  •  Increase your income
  •  Do what you’re most passionate about in life
Completion Test & Next Steps: Six Full Days with Michael in Bangkok
During live coaching sessions, NLP training, and a Q&A with Michael, learn
  •  How to make change instantly
  •   How to get rid of “Limiting Beliefs”
  •  How to overcome obstacles
  •  How to control emotions, both wanted and unwanted
  •  How to ask effective questions
  •  How motivation works
  •   How to utilize the TRUE GRITT Method
12-Week Plan To Become a 
Successful Coach
Weeks 1 to 4
Key 1: Self-Confidence as a Success Coach

Weeks 5 to 7
Key 2: Unconsciousness Competence in Coaching 

Weeks 8 to 10
Key 3: The First Coaching Session: 16 Steps to Get Clients

Weeks 11 to 12
Key 4: Marketing Secrets for Coaches
“Since getting personal coaching from Michael I have learned the skills to overcome fears and hesitations holding me back from going for my goals. He taught me the step-by-step process that has worked for thousands of others to get started and create a detailed plan to get my business off the ground.”

 - Natalie Glebova
 Miss Universe 2005
Michael Bolduc with Natalie Glebova on the Woody Show
Many people who enter the coaching industry do not actually succeed. The goal, therefore, is to become a successful coach. By modeling the proven step-by-step strategy of the MILLIONAIRE MASTER SUCCESS COACH, Michael Bolduc, you too can become a millionaire coach. It also means that you can partner with Michael Bolduc International. You just need to plug into Michael’s network, system, and coaching in order to become successful. The only requirement for success is motivation.
Everything you get:
Millionaire Success Coach Training:
• 42 scientific modules with step-by-step instructions to become 
a Millionaire Certified Success Coach (Available immediately)
• Six-day LIVE training with Michael in Bangkok
• 12-week plan to become a successful coach
(Valued at 320,000 THB)

Elite Millionaire Success Coaching (valued at 97,000 THB.)

NLP Coaching / Practitioner Certification (valued at 88,000 THB.)

Michael Bolduc 10 Video Coaching Sessions (valued at 66,000 THB.)

Brian Tracy & Michael Bolduc’s dialogue series: “Personal Branding Secret” 
(valued at 9,900 THB.)

1 Year asset to Rapid Goal Software (valued at 120,000 THB.)
Valued at 700,900 THB
200,000 THB
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